No girl can say she doesn’t love chocolates with a straight face. No girl can say she isn’t crazy for cakes without a hint of tears in her eyes. While transforming like Parineeti Chopra may be possible for some, it’s not every girl’s cup of tea – there are some who eat chocolates, get plump (because no girl gets ‘fat’) and then cry over it while eating ice cream. To these girls we say don’t cry – ice cream tastes better without the salt (too technical?) – because we have a solution!

Here are some ways you can slim up your figure without actually having to lose weight. Just try these dressing ideas and you’ll find yourself toned down.

Wear V-necks

Flaunt your V-neck collection to attain a slimmer illusion. The open, upside-down triangle of a V-neck creates a high focal point up and away from midsection, giving the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body (again, too technical?). The deeper you decide to go with your V-neck, the slimmer your figure will seem to appear.

Don’t go multi-coloured

Not that we promote monotonousness, but this one has to be an exception. Same-coloured top and bottom create the illusion of a slim vertical line, while a partition in colours in the middle brings attention directly to your waist. Take avoiding stark contrast in colours as a necessity, and same hues as preference. For the best effect, go for – in the words of Raftaar – all black!

Pick simple jeans

Acting on more-or-less the same principle, avoid dark designs, tags or grommets – anything that attracts attention to the waist. A pair of clean, streamlined jeans will complete the task which your highly stylized ones will fail at.

Sport a jacket

How does it work? The crisp straight lines and narrow lapels of a blazer counteract excess curves. Want an add-on tip? Wear it over a V-neck top and you are good to go anywhere without attracting any attention to your figure.

Go with the right fabrics

Can cloth material have something to do with the illusion of slimness? Of course, we wouldn’t give it a place in this list otherwise, so pick up a pen and paper. Ready? Flat materials like cotton, silk and denim don't add volume. There are some fabrics that actually help to slim up, like jersey, cashmere and fine cotton. Bulky materials like crushed velvet, leather, suede, satin, fringe and flannel should be avoided as much as possible.

Pick up Maxi Skirts

A long and lean maxi skirt can give you the appearance of a long and lean girl. For a better image, choose solid versions that skim the entire length of your body, creating a long vertical line. As for your top: keep it a tucked in a T-shirt and a cropped leather jacket or a well-cut blouse of a dark color. Ensure the skirt’s hemline is as long as possible without the possibility of you tripping over it, and wear it over a pair of heels.

Everyone obsesses over weight of life’s problems; make sure life’s problem of weight isn’t one of them (too confusing?). In other words, go conquer the world, you non-size zero queen! Don’t forget to check out our super sexy collection only at