It’s the vacation season! As the temperature is soaring ruthlessly, most of us are pondering where to head to this summer. Even if we don’t have designated summer holidays, a brief summer break is something we all plan and look forward to. Whether it’s a local lakeside retreat or a first-class trip to a city across the globe, a holiday to a far-flung island or a road trip to a destination we’ve never been to, summer is just the perfect time for it all. But before we can set off on our getaway, the stress of what and how to pack for the trip sets in. Here we bring you some tips that’ll help you master the art of packing for your summer vacation.

Do your research

Check the weather for the duration of your trip. An umbrella for rainy mornings, a foldable hat for sunny afternoons, and a shrug for cool evenings might come in handy. Find out if you’ll have access to laundry facilities where you’ll be staying. This will help you decide if you need to pack a whole outfit for each day. Bulky and inexpensive toiletries can be left behind and need not be carried if you can buy them there itself.

Ward off spills

You don’t want to open your suitcase to find your bottle of shampoo exploded over everything. When you travel with liquids, things can actually go awry due to changing air pressure during the flight. You can prevent liquid containers from spilling by placing them in a zip-lock bag. For twist top bottles, you can use a plastic wrap to cover the opening before sealing it with the cap.

Don’t forget your beauty must-haves

Continuous exposure to the sun can leave you looking like a bright red lobster in your vacation pictures. Baby powder is a great summertime essential apart from sunscreen and aloe vera, if you are going to spend a lot of time by the beach. It works wonders in removing sand from your skin. Coconut oil is another must-have as it can be used as moisturizer, makeup remover, frizz-fighter, sunburn soother, lip balm, and what not!

Plan outfits in advance

Listen to your gut feeling when planning your outfits. Pack items that will work together in a variety of ways to maximize your options. Cut down the number of shoes in your bag as they take up a lot of space and are heavy as well. Take a few comfortable and versatile pairs that go with every outfit, like a flip-flop or sneaker, a wedge and a sandal. You can add variety to your look by popping in statement jewellery, a bright scarf and a great belt.

Re-purpose like a pro

Pack items you can use in more than one way. For instance, use your carry-on bag as your beach bag. Pick a breezy, on-the-go dress that doubles up as your swim cover. If you are carrying a handbag or a clutch, use it to carry your cosmetics and other miscellaneous articles during flight. Take along a one-piece swim suit that you can wear as a tank with a maxi skirt. Speaking of skirts, in case you didn’t know, you can twist and tie your skirt to wear it as a sarong too.

Roll, baby, Roll

Roll up your clothes instead of folding them to prevent wrinkles and save extra space. This technique works best for stretchy knit fabrics like jeans, tees and cotton dresses. Line the bottom of your bag with rolled clothes, followed by stiffer or wrinkle-prone clothes over them. Maxi dresses, skirts and other longer pieces can be draped at the top. You can also add sheets of tissue paper in between layers of clothing to prevent wrinkles.

Use the suitcase space effectively

You can use packing cubes or compression packs for bulky items. They can triple your storage space by sucking the air out of the bag. You can stuff shoes with sunglasses and electronics chargers to space. Belts can be snaked around the perimeter of the bag. Jewellery pieces can be stowed away in a plastic pill box. Fragile items can be wrapped between sturdy clothing.

Get your carry-on basics right

Your carry-on is your personal assistant during your flight. It should be small enough to be stowed underneath your seat and large enough to hold your toiletries, electronics, and other essentials like wallet, documents, sleep mask, headphones, books etc.

These were a few summer vacation packing tips. While some may just be reminders, others may be brand new information for you. But one thing is for sure, we got you inspired for your next trip. Right?