Once there was a girl, shy, modest and a nerd. Invitations to group studies always left her hurt. But one fine day (probably her best) she was invited to a house party by her love interest. She thanked him politely, turning slightly red; then walked home and shouted so loud, the neighbor was knocked out of his bed. Off came the nerdy glasses, untied became her long hair, gradually she transformed into one you couldn’t help but stare.

If you are one who needs to show her crush he should be the one chasing you, one who wants to prove she studies so hard because fashion is too easy, one who wishes to race heartbeats as she walks, and one who has only a party to do this all; let us be your fashion alma mater. Study the following party dressing tips from a fresher’s party to a dinner date to make sure the whole crowd studies you with an open mouth.

Fresher’s party

Fresher’s parties are exciting and you surely want to look your best at the first ever college party. You want create an impression on your peers and seniors. Try something new – maybe a sheer maxi skirt with a chic top and skip the heels if you are planning to hit the dance floor. Believe us, you will be crowned Miss Fresher’s the moment you walk in. If not, well, perfection breeds jealousy.

House party

Off-campus college house parties are a great way to have a great time and make new friends. Food, drinks, and lots of fun, all in the comfort of a friend’s home! It is best to keep it pretty casual and comfortable. Remember the nerdy girl we talked about? She threw on a lightweight and stylish dress to keep her looks smart, yet relaxed. Looking your best gets you further invitations and saves on hosting the party at your own place. Yay!

Club party

‘Glamorous, sizzling, smoking hot, what the f-acebook id of yours is?’ sure-shot such stunning statements would receive you at the club if you flaunt a ‘little black dress’ along with the right accessories. You can go with bold lipstick and nail paint colours to accentuate your look.

Dinner Date

Turns out, our nerdy girl was such a hit at the house party that her crush couldn’t help asking her out. She kept her calm like before but freaked out once back home. After all, a date! Can it get any bigger? But she pulled it off with a beautiful ladylike dress with metallic platform heels. She knew one should wear her special dress for the night, and not overdo trying to impress. Being yourself is your best bet.

Prom night

Out on the date, he asked her to be his prom. She went glad, said yes and started her thought process. She kicked jeans aside for the night, and chose a cute little dress and a pair of hot heels to go with them as she knew you don’t have to worry about ruining your dress or heels, as it is a more elegant affair. She also accessorized appropriately without going over the top. They ate together, danced together, pouted together and then lived happily ever after.

The campus life is so much fun, and the night-outs and parties during college years just add to the whole experience. No matter which college party you are attending, you are bound to look fabulous with these outfit inspirations.

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