It’s summertime, and your handbag needs a revamp as much as your wardrobe. You may have a few year-round essentials, but these 10 handbag necessities for summers must be on your to-buy list for sure.

1. Sunscreen

The first and foremost thing that must find a place in your handbag this summer is a sunscreen. The lotion is effective only when you reapply it as instructed, and the only way you can ensure that is by carrying it with you at all times. So just toss a bottle in your bag so that you don’t have to think twice before stepping out in the sun.

2. Lip Product with SPF

Keep your lips healthy and luscious, and protect them from the harsh rays of the sun by using a lip product with SPF. You may opt for a balm or gloss, whichever suits your needs. The ultimate goal is to keep your pout protected.

3. Sunglasses

So your skin and your lips have been taken care of, but what about your eyes? You may just skip your sunglasses when you feel the weather is cloudy. But you’ll surely regret your decision if the sun starts to peak out. The best bet is to always have them in your handbag to keep your precious eyes protected.

4. Hand Sanitizer

In summers, your hands are more likely to get sweaty and you are at risk of encountering a lot of things that can make you get affected with disease-causing germs. Washing your hands is not always possible, and hence carrying a hand sanitizer in your bag is a must.

5. Facial Wipes and Oil-absorbing Papers

The hot and humid weather in summers can be frustrating. After wading through a long, sweaty day in the sun, you’ll be grateful to have a pack of facial wipes on hand to freshen you up. Just wipe off the face clean and feel rejuvenated and brand new!

6. Powder Compact

Summer is the time to ditch all the heavy makeup and keep it minimal. A compact matte powder is a must-stay in your handbag. After patting your face dry with oil-absorbing papers, you can apply a little powder to calm down the sheen due to sweat. After all, you want to glow and not glisten.

7. Mini Deodorant

One of the downfalls of summer is the uncontrollable perspiration and body odour. This is where deodorants become indispensible to curb any embarrassment. If ever the need arises to reapply your deodorant during the day, you’ll be happy to have it in your handbag.

8. Umbrella

Sunscreen alone might not help protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Always carry an umbrella along, and duck under it whenever the sun is shining bright. This will not only protect you from tanning and skin allergies, but also keep you cool and comfortable.

9. Hair Ties

It is almost impossible to leave your hair open during hot, dusty and sweaty summer. At some point or the other, we’ve all experienced that desperate search for a hair band in our handbag. So be prepared ahead of time and never get caught empty-handed.

10. Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle in your handbag is an absolute essential during sweltering summers. With all the heat and sweat, your body tends to get dehydrated faster than normal. It’s best to carry a bottle with fluid measurements on it to ensure you have 8 cups of water every day.

Have we missed anything? Share with us your summer bag essentials in the comments section below!